Terms and conditions



The terms contained below determine the conditions upon which a reservation can be made and the conditions of stay in holiday homes DOMECZKI-BLANECZKI. Persons staying on the premises of the resort are obliged to observe its terms and conditions and act upon instructions of the management of the resort. Making the reservation means acceptance of the terms and conditions. At the moment of making a reservation (making a prepayment of 30% of the full reservation), the rental agreement is deemed concluded.


The agreed telephone or email pre-reservation must be confirmed by making a prepayment of 30% of the full price for the whole stay to a given bank account within 3 days. In case of lack of prepayment  within the time limit, the pre-reservation is automatically canceled.

By making a reservation, the Renter agrees to the processing of personal data solely for the purpose of making the reservation and completing the registration requirements in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data.

Making the prepayment by the Renter means acceptance of the terms and conditions of the rental in question.

The Renter must pay the remaining amount of money for the stay, including the tourist tax, on arrival or by bank transfer before arrival.

Tourist tax is 2 PLN per person per night.

The Renter is obliged to pay the full amount of money for the stay on the day of arrival, even if for reasons beyond the control of the Renter, the arrival or stay will be delayed or shortened (personal reasons, communication problems, etc.).

In the event of the Renter’s shorter stay, the amount for the unused period is non-refundable.

In the event of a change of the reservation date by the Renter or the total cancellation of the stay, the prepayment is non-refundable.

Cancellations must be made by the client minimum 14 days before the scheduled arrival.

If the client resigns from their stay (due to reasons lying on their side, regardless of whether the client is culpable or not), they are obliged to pay the money for the entire stay if they did not inform the owner of the resort within the above time.


A hotel night starts at 4 pm and ends on the day of departure at 10 am.

For the loss of keys, the Renter will be charged 100 PLN.

In the case of exceeding the declared number of persons using the home (without the consent and knowledge of the owner or authorized person), the owner reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately with all consequences without having to return the amount of money paid previously.

The price of services provided by DOMECZKI-BLANECZKI does not cover insurance. The Renter uses all the services, attractions and facilities of the resort at their own risk. The company shall not be responsible for any injuries, damage or destroyed property (damage caused for the detriment of health and property of third parties) as well as for the theft of luggage throughout the stay (we advise to take out a proper insurance before arrival).

Upon arrival, but before occupying the home, the Renter is obliged to inspect it, that is to check furniture, windows, shower cabin and appliances in the house.

Any damage should be reported immediately to the owner.

Lack of remarks from the Renter about such damage within 4 hours after receiving the keys means that the Renter has no objection to the whole home, and all the equipment and furniture are in good condition.

The Renter is liable for the damage incurred in the home during their stay and agrees that any damage repair, replacement of missing equipment or removal of defects is made at their expense.


Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in the house and on the terrace. Due to the fire protection requirements, any attempt to smoke in the house will result in the immediate termination of the agreement without the possibility of recovering the money for the unused period of stay.

In case the Renter significantly disturbs the peace or welfare of the neighbors and does not comply with the common standards of coexistence between people, the owner reserves the right to terminate the Renter’s stay in the house and is not obliged to reimburse the money for the unused period of stay.

If, as a result of the breach of the night time silence valid from 22:00 to 6:00, the owner or the person responsible for the keys is obliged to make a reasonable intervention, or call the police, the owner has the right to immediately terminate the agreement.

Due to the fire protection requirements, any appliances powered by electricity or gas which do not belong to the ordinary home equipment and which may pose a fire threat, e.g. electric immersion heaters, air heaters, radiators, or gas burners, cannot be used in the house. It is forbidden to bring inflammable materials, explosives or materials of offensive smells into the home.

The Renter does not have the right without any prior written consent of the owner of the property to make any repairs or make any inputs or changes in the house. The Renter is obliged to inform the property owner immediately about the necessity of making repairs.

The Renter is obliged to maintain and return the house in the same condition as at the start of the stay, which includes, in particular, leaving clean dishes and kitchen utensils as well as removing all the sheets from the bed before leaving. Failure to comply with the above obligation will result in payment for additional cleaning in the amount of 50 PLN.

The agreement between the owner and the Renter does not include transport, meals and organization of the stay.

The owner is not responsible for the temporary inconvenience caused by independent suppliers in the form of, e.g. temporary lack of water, electricity, etc.

We love animals but we do not accept them within the premises of the resort. Please leave your pets at home. This is due to the fact that mainly families with children stay at the resort, the children are sometimes very young and may have different types of allergies to pets.

We inform you that we are not responsible for the property left in the house or on the premises of the resort. Personal belongings left by the guest will be returned to the address indicated by them, and in the absence of their consent for the shipment, these items will be stored for one month and then destroyed.

The owner of the resort is not responsible for car damage or theft during the stay.

Barbecue users are obliged to use them in accordance with the fire protection requirements and to keep them clean after finishing grilling.


In matters not regulated in the above terms and conditions, the provisions of the Polish Civil Code and the Act on Tourist Services shall apply.